Old Piil's in Denmark

Family name Piil

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Falster Island
9 families.
Claus Piil

Taasinge Island
1 family.
Robert Piil

Bornholm Island
Information not collected.

1 family.
Information being compiled.

1 family.
Peeter Piil
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The name Piil goes back in history a long time.

In the last quarter of the 13th century Bertholdi Piil was mayor of

On Falster Island the name is mentioned in the 14th century and on Lolland Island in the 15th century.

Taasinge Island has been home to Piils for several centuries.

Many Piils lived on Bornholm Island between 1600 and 1900 but it is not known what has become of this line.

On Hiiumaa Island in Estonia the name is recorded in 1831.
Danish activity in the eastern Baltic dates from at least a thousand years before the Northern Crusades of 1208-1227 which finally solidified control of the region in the hands of the Brethren of the Sword (Schwert-Bruder).
A key episode of occurred on June 15, 1219 when the Dannbrog (Danish flag) fell from the skies to spur King Waldemar II to defeat the heathen Estonians in battle. Perhaps the name Piil was known in those times.

In Denmark today there are about 200 Piils and in Estonia about 60.
In New York is a family with roots to one man from Copenhagen.
The family in Canada and California has roots in Estonia.


If your name is Piil your family is looking for you.
Please contact me at Claus Piil.

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Kristine (today called Kirsten) Piil's Spring, on Deer Park Hill (Danish: dyrehavebakken) in Copenhagen was discovered in 1583 by two students.
Later, when travellers came to take the curative waters, a tradition of music and performance developed to entertain the public while there.